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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Come out, come out wherever U are.

The show on TV featured an interview with an internationally known doctor renowned for his ground breaking work on the subject of memory. The doctor was explaining, to the camera, that this television program was a demonstration and it was part of his investigation into unusual memory, sometimes known as photographic memory. "You will witness the unexplained phenomenal ability of some people to use their memory.  I will challenge my 5 guests who are also volunteers in my study, by having them tell us what happened on random dates and then we will check their answers against Google.  That way we will see how accurate their answers are."

He then calls out a date, say, September the 8th, 1995.  The person to answer first stands and says, "That was a Monday", and then he says what the headlines or what newsworthy events occurred on that day. 

The monitor of the computer comes into view and shows the information a Google  search of that date had discovered. Indeed, the computer screen monitor  shows the answer covers every news item of significance occurring on that date. 

Each of the other guests then stood up one by one and gave a similar performance. This was research and there was no reason for it to be a trick.  I was flabbergasted.

When the questioning of the guests was over the doctor continues the interview and he explains the nature of his study and how much new information about the brain was now available, and how, by using faster and faster computers, new ways to understand how memory and the brain work together are being revealed..  He said that what we had just seen was a demonstration of  memory from people who were born with this amazing ability.  After that he said that there are other circumstance that seem to trigger unusual memory activity.  Usually by a very traumatic event in a person's life.  I have had such a happening and memory return. but the unusual memory returned to me seems to be confined to my childhood.  With  much detail I can visualize events that happened in my childhood as if they had very recently occurred.. But, somethings I don't mind forgetting.  Like when I was in a hospital and they gave me my medicine in orange juice.  Whose idea was that anyway.  Ugh!  It made orange juice taste as if it had caster oil in it for many years into my adult life..  But my memory for recent stuff is tricky.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad. 

Human cane. (Out of stock)
 I have to use a cane to keep pressure off my  leg and back. My first cane likes to play tricks and hide, so to be sure I always have a cane, I have 3 canes.   Cane number #1 is my favorite.  Cane #2 and cane #3 are backups and as I write this,  cane #1 has gone missing.   So I am using cane #2.    And of course cane #3 is my safety valve.  But I'm  not buying  another cane, #4, because I think cane #1 is just waiting for me to buy it so he can come out from wherever the hell she is hiding.

But all kinds of other stuff from my childhood are very clear.   Like when I was in school, I was always talking, which was  annoying to my eighth grade history teacher.  She kept her class orderly and if you disrupted classroom decorum, she put you in the last seat in the first row by the wall with the chalkboard and door.  Naturally that meant she had the student, who got the highest grade in a test, sitting in the first seat, in the row by the windows.  Very near to her desk in the front of the room. 
On the first major test (there would be 3 major tests)  I got a 97.  She liked what I wrote but she penalized me for leaving out two periods..  I told her I thought that was unfair, this was history, not English.  You're right, I was a smartass then too.  Anyway since the next highest test score was 93, it meant for me, the first seat in the row by the windows, right at her desk..  My tucas never hit the seat because she switched me to the last seat of the first row for talking on the way to the front of the room.
After the first test I got sick and I was out of school for almost a month.  When I came back to school it was just in time to take the second test.  I got a 68 and I could see the relief in her face.  But the third and final test subject was about Napoleon.  I had read four or five books on Napoleon, including War And Peace.  I got 99.  Only one period this time and she didn't take the other half a point.  

 Highest mark again, but I did not want that front seat.  To me it was a penalty, but, after I got it,  I was determined she was not going to get me out of it.  I walked to the seat practically on my tippee toes.  The teacher had a habit of looking out of the window and every time she did so, when she turned back to the class, there I was.  Whenever I noticed it I would smile.  I could almost smell the wood burning in her head.  We both knew she had to get me out of there.

I lasted two school days, on my third day in the first seat she called Pete, (my best talking buddy) to her desk.  He was only there for a minute or two when she told the class to behave while  she went into the hall.  Before she came back I got Pete's eye and shook my head at him pointing to my lips.  A short time later a teacher's aide comes into class and she tells the teacher she is wanted in the principal's office which was a few doors down the hallway.  The teacher told us to behave again and left the room putting the aide in charge.  Now come on, it was not my fault.  There is no way a fourteen year old talkative kid can control his tongue under those circumstances.  The door opened and she came back into the classroom. Neither of us said anything.   I just got up with my things and went to the last seat which was unoccupied. 

But she did give me an 'A' for the semester.

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  1. If there is a waiting list for the human cane? Put me down. Alberto!

  2. Ok Alberto, if they get them in stock I'm thinking about another can for myself.