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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Super Bowl,1972


Dolphin team.  Coach Shula, right (sitting)

In the Herald I read that the Miami Dolphins football team was invited to the White House to be presented with an award by the  President of the United States.  As everyone knows the Miami Dolphins  won the Super Bowl and were undefeated for the entire 1972 season.  Wow!  I saw some of those games at the stadium.  And I saw the Super bowl on TV.  (Garo, Garo, be careful!) Wow again!
And then I read in the Herald that some players, who played on the '72 team, were not going to go to the shindig.  I wondered why. While I was watching some of the games in '72
, when I saw a good tackle, or a spectacular play, it never crossed my mind to wonder if the player was a Republican or a Democrat.  Would any of you guys have accepted the award if it was from the Cheney etc. administration?  I certainly hope so.  Even though, as a VP, Cheney sure sucked.

Or maybe its Obama Care you don't like.  If it is, that should mean you understand Obama Care or you think you understand it.  If that's the case maybe you can explain it to me.  Its easy for politicians to speak positively or negatively about stuff, but ball players?  Would you believe that when Social Security was enacted some people were so upset they said worse things about Social Security than people are saying now about the Affordable Care Act. (Obama Care)
Or maybe you guys think Obama was not born in this country.  If you do, here, you have the Donald on your side.  Trump is not looking so good lately but I don't think he will go to jail like Martha Stewart.  He probably won't even get into trouble.  Except for the President, most important people are afraid to get into his lying mouth. After all he's only accused of being part of a scheme, that is bilking millions from the government.  Bilking  Taking tuition money from a federal veterans school program.  Like the governor of Florida's company which was fined 1.7 billion dollars.  How much do you think Trump's phony Academy will get fined? 
On the other hand, Martha Stewart, she went to jail.  Unbelievable!! 
Would any of you not go, and/or not accept induction into the NFL Hall Of Fame, just because a political figure was going to be part of the award celebration?.. 
In other words, whether or not you learned how to think when you went to college, if you don't agree with some policies of the administration, that is ok.  It is your right.  But following that logic, you do go to the ceremony because of past happenings in our country caused by then administrations.  Yesterdays administrations, and todays administrations, and tomorrow's administratons,  as a governing entity, they're all the same.  You shouldn't have to approve all of an administration's policies in order to receive an honor from your country for doing stuff.

So as I see it, you do not pass up an opportunity to receive an honor from your Country for something you should be proud of. In your case, as a member of that great undefeated Miami Dolphin team..It was your Country when Nixon was president. It was your Country when Ford was President. It was your Country when Reagan was President, and it was your Country each time we had a Bush for President,  and it was your Country when Clinton was President.  And it is still your Country right now, when, dare I say it, Obama is President. 

Want out here too?
I don't understand why the other Presidents didn't bestow an honor on the team for that achievement.  Possibly, using your logic, maybe, just maybe, they thought there were too many 'voting' players on the team that would vote for the other political party.  And I'm a little confused on how you would decide which President would have to have your approval in order for you to accept recognition for something the team did..  Do you think all of the team members that went to the ceremony agree with everything that is being done by the present administration?  Shame on you.  I'm sure the team will not mind if I say this to you.  And I surely do hope you can hear me,  "You missed it."

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  1. only kc left for 2013

  2. I like the coach but I'm not a KC fan.